Riesling-Zander Cycle Route

The cycle route leads from Pleisweiler-Oberhofen on the German Wine Route through idyllic meadows and fields towards Neupotz on the Rhine. It traverses Germany’s largest tobacco-growing region near Hatzenbühl, and gives you an opportunity to visit the Terra Sigillata Museum in Rheinzabern. This very flat cycle route is particularly suitable for families.

36,7 km
2:30 h
21 m
97 m


Route description

The tour starts in the picturesque wine-growing village of Pleisweiler-Oberhofen and takes cyclists through vineyards and past the wonderfully fragrant rose garden to Kapellen-Drusweiler. Passing through wide fields and lush meadows, you cycle through the romantic villages of Oberhausen and Barbelroth to Winden. There are plenty of enchanted spots and historic half-timbered houses to stop and explore along the way. The route continues to Steinweiler. In the old town centre, you can experience Palatinate hospitality over a glass of fine wine in one of the beautiful wineries.

Passing alongside vegetable fields, you cycle through the village of Erlenbach and on to the sedate tobacco-growing village of Hatzenbühl. The 2 km circular tobacco trail starts at the parish garden and contains a wealth of information about the annual life cycle of the tobacco plant. The route passes countless historic tobacco drying barns en route to Rheinzabern. It is worth taking a detour to the Roman Terra Sigillata Museum in the centre of town. Embark on an exciting journey through time into the region’s past, and immerse yourself in the everyday culture of the Romans. The modern museum vividly recounts the story of the tabernae settlement, the “Meissen of the ancient world”, and its development into one of the largest terra sigillata factories in the Roman Empire. Detailed replicas of the shiny red terra sigillata tableware give visitors a sense of the food and dining culture of the Romans. The original antique kilns are of particular interest.

Now cycle the last part of the route through the Rheinaue wetlands to Neupotz. Enjoy the unique natural spectacle as primeval landscapes, picturesque tributaries of the Altrhein river and secluded lakes dominate the natural scenery along the Rhine. You are now just a short distance from Neupotz and its street packed with gourmet restaurants. Popular dishes include the native zander, which lives in the waters of the Rhine and is renowned for its tasty meat. It is a culinary delight which can be deep fried or roasted and served with an aromatic Pinot blanc sauce. You can take an interesting trip to the “Haus Leben am Strom”, a centre containing a wealth of information about life on the Rhine and flood protection. Roman history comes to life on board the Roman boat Lusoria Rhenana on Neupotzer Setzfeld lake.

Radler in der Rheinebene mit Blick auf die Pfälzer Haardt (Christian Ernst)
Uffbasse - Für Rücksicht und Naturschutz ()
Rebsortenweg Steinweiler ()
Römische Brennöfen im Terra Sigillata Musuem (Martina Jochem)
Tabakrundweg Hatzenbühl ()
Tabakschuppen Hatzenbühl ()
Tabaktrockenschuppen (Martina Jochem)
Familie im Haus Leben am Strom (Martina Jochem)
Neupotzer Schlemmerköche auf dem Altrhein (Martina Jochem)
Gaststätten und Restaurants für jeden Geschmack gibt es auf der "Schlemmermeile" in Neupotz (Jens Weinand)


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