South Palatinate Cycle Route

The cycle route starts at Scheibenhardt on the Pamina Cycle Route (Lauter Valley) and leads through the Bienwald forest to Kandel, which has a magnificent shopping street. It passes through Hatzenbühl and Hayna in Germany’s largest tobacco-growing region, and continues through the Queichwiesen water meadows in Offenbach – keep an eye out for storks. Shortly after Dreihof golf course, you cross the route of the South Palatinate draisine line. You continue along the “Cattle Line” to Kirrweiler. The route is only slightly hilly and well suited to families with children.

53,6 km
3:45 h
77 m
42 m


Route description

The gently undulating cycle route begins in Scheibenhardt directly on the French border, where you can connect to the scenic Franco-German Pamina Cycle Route (Lauter Valley). Meandering paths take you through the Bienwald forest, which is home to a range of protected flora and fauna, via Büchelberg to Kandel. The town centre with its half-timbered passageways and romantic squares is the perfect place to stop and explore. You might even pick up a bargain in one of the town’s many boutiques.

Continue cycling through woods and fields past Erlenbach to Hayna. The South Palatinate Cycle Route takes you past endless tobacco fields and historic tobacco barns as it wends its way to Herxheim and then continues on the L509 to Offenbach. If luck is on your side, you may spot some magnificent white storks at close quarters! Cycle past the town hall and cross the L542. The route then traverses the Queichwiesen water meadows to the hamlet of Dreihof in Essingen. Take a well-earned break here and treat yourself to a game of golf on the famous South Palatinate greens. The next stop is Bornheim, where you continue along the cycle trail and footpath at the southern edge of the village past the Saubrunnen pig fountain, before crossing the B272 just after Bornheim. From Bornheim via Essingen and Hochstadt, you cycle north-west on an agricultural road past the sports field to Kleinfischlingen and then on to Großfischlingen. Here you have the option of joining the From Rhine to Wine Cycle Route. From the romantic wine-growing village of Venningen, the gently undulating roadside cycle path takes you through the fertile plains of the sparsely wooded Gäu landscape to Kirrweiler.

Radeln entlang von Streuobstwiesen bei Büchelberg (Jens Weinand)
Infotafeln entlang des Bienenlehrpfades ()
Uffbasse - Für Rücksicht und Naturschutz ()
Radeln durch die Südpfalz (Christian Ernst)
Ladestation Naturfreundehaus ()
Naturfreundehaus Bienwald (Sabine Bock)
Klettern in den Baumkronen des Bienwaldes (AbenteuerPark Kandel)
Am Plätzel Kandel, Fachwerk und St. Georgskirche ()
Schwanenweiher Kandel ()
Spaß beim FUSS-GOLF ()
Zentrum des öffentlichen Lebens in Herxheim ist der Dorfbrunnen des Künstlers Gernot Rumpf. (Malin Frank)
Marienstatue vor der katholischen Pfarrkirche St. Maria Himmelfahrt. (Malin Frank)
Wer genau hinschaut, entdeckt Störche in ihrem Nest hoch über den Queichwiesen. (Malin Frank)
Weinrebe ()
Apfel ()
Himbeeren ()
Kirschen ()
Weinberge bei Sonnenuntergang (Weingut Ellermann-Spiegel)
Nudelvariationen (Gutting Pfalz Nudel)
Kräutergarten Kirrweiler (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Aussicht ()
Schlössel (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Schlossweiher (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Die Tour führt auch durch den idyllischen Bienwald (Jens Weinand)


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