Pfälzer Weinsteig Stage 11: Bad Bergzabern - Schweigen-Rechtenbach

From Bad Bergzabern it is essential to discover the magical holiday atmosphere of the wine village of Dörrenbach, which has been honoured with the name  "Sleeping Beauty of the Palatinate". Past the ruins of the Guttenberg the Pfälzer Weinsteig finally reaches its destination at the Deutsches Weintor. From the market square in Bad Bergzabern the trail leads through the park. Walking between the vineyards, you can enjoy views of the Rhine valley, before you dive into the enchanted forest around Dörrenbach. Here, amongst picturesque half-timbered houses, inviting wine taverns and the 400 year old town hall you will also be  encouraged to sleep and dream. Passing the historic fortified church, the trail leads uphill to the Kolmerbergkapelle. Once at the top, the Stäffelsberg with its lookout tower offers a panoramic view over to the Black Forest, the Rhine valley and northern Alsace. Along the southern slopes of the Farrenberg you will reach the ruins of Guttenberg and start going downhill. A final section between rows of vines leads up to the 18 m high Deutsches Weintor in Schweigen-Rechtenbach. At the end of the trail you are recommended to visit the beautiful town of Wissembourg, where many restaurants and a railway station can be found.


UFFBASSE! - Campaign for being considerate of others in nature

  • Always act in a proactive, friendly and considerate way towards everyone you encounter along the way.
  • Respect nature, do not destroy plants and always stay on the paths. Try to avoid excessive noise and leave the forest before dusk.
  • Remember to take a rubbish bag with you when you go out and take your rubbish back home.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash at all times. Other visitors and animals thank you.
  • For your own safety, observe all road closures, including at weekends.
  • Park only in designated parking areas. Leave space for emergency vehicles and agricultural machinery.
  • Please give priority to agricultural and forestry traffic.
15,8 km
4:45 h
523 m
472 m
Bad Bergzabern, market square
Deutsches Weintor Schweigen-Rechtenbach


Route description

The last stage of our hike begins in the market square in Bad Bergzabern. After a gentle stroll through the town spa park we pass the Böhämmerhaus restaurant (1), which is open on Sundays, and walk into the vineyards. We continue past a hikers' shelter in the forest (2) and along the meadow to reach Dörrenbach, one of the prettiest villages on the German Wine Route. Picturesque timber-framed houses and quaint wine taverns invite us to pause here. We pass the 400-year-old Renaissance-style town hall and the historical fortified church (3) and walk uphill through the forest to Kolmerberg Chapel, one of the most beloved pilgrimage churches of the South Palatinate. Shady paths continue up to the viewing point on the Stäffelsberg mountain (4).

Finally we walk down through the woods, follow the Westwall path on the southern slope of the Farrenberg mountain and reach the ruins of Guttenberg Castle (5) on the Schlossberg mountain. The long descent begins behind the ruins, passing a waymarker with a hikers' shelter (6) and continues to the charmingly situated Landschaftsweiher lake (7) in the Breitenborn Valley. Now only one beautiful section of the trail through sun-drenched vineyards separates us from the end destination of our hike, the famous German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach. Standing in front of the 18m high landmark of the German Wine Route, we have finally achieved our goal and can look back on a day full of great experiences on the Pfälzer Weinsteig trail.

Deutsches Weintor mit Beleuchtung zur Mandelblüte ()
Uffbasse Infografik_07-23 ()
Dörrenbach Rathaus ()
Schloss Bad Bergzabern (Dominik Ketz)
Gasthaus zum Engel Bad Bergzabern ()
Bergkirche Bad Bergzabern ()
Schweigen-Rechtenbach ()
Eine Miniaturausgabe des Deutschen Weintors steht in den Weinbergen oberhalb Schweigen-Rechtenbachs. (Malin Frank)


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