Mountain bike tour 9 (Bad Bergzabern)

Easy mountain bike tour around the spa town of Bad Bergzabern. Easy, long trails and a spectacular rock passage are the highlights of this tour!


This tour is characterised by constant ups and downs on different surfaces. From the spa town of Bad Bergzabern, the tour rolls along side roads towards Böllenborn, where our first long climb on a paved road follows. At the top, we take a nice flowing single trail down. The route continues alternating between short as well as longer trail sections on paved and forest roads.


Then we cycle directly below the Lindelbrunn castle ruins, past the Cramerhaus inn. It is advisable to take a break there. Afterwards, it's a relaxed climb first on a road, then on a forest path to the highlight of our tour: The single trail that now follows begins on the right with a narrow rock passage and moves onto a very long stretch down the slope.


Once at the bottom, another ascent awaits over the Silzer Linde to Blankenborn before biking down a very long and flowing single trail. Back in Bad Bergzabern, the route undulates along a variety of wide and narrow paths back to the starting point.


"Get out of the daily routine and into nature!" A few basic rules help to make the MTB tour a sustainable experience for people and nature.


  • Ride only on permitted routes. According to the Rhineland-Palatinate State Forest Act, cycling is not permitted on pavements and footpaths, with the exception of the trails on our tours.
  • Do not leave any traces. Take your rubbish home and protect our trails with your riding style. Avoid braking with locked tyres. Do not take shortcuts across hairpin bends.
  • Keep your bike under control. Stay in your comfort zone, adapt your speed to the situation, you must be able to stop within your range of vision! Do not underestimate the technical and physical demands of our tours. Inform yourself in advance.
  • Respect other path users. Announce your arrival in good time, gladly with our scout bell! Do not ride on certified hiking trails. Be considerate on paths shared by hikers and mountain bikers. Hikers have priority. Let other path users pass.
  • Be considerate of animals in the forest. We move within their habitat. Allow them to rest and do not disturb them when they are feeding. Therefore, avoid riding at dusk or during the night.
  • Do not construct illegal trails. Use the existing approved routes and courses.
  • Set a good example. Show with your behaviour how mutual consideration works and that it leads to good coexistence in the forest for all forest users. Help by living by these rules.


These rules are based on the Trail Rules of the German Mountain Bike Initiative (Deutschen Initiative Mountainbike, and the #LoveTrailsRespectRules campaign of Bike Magazine.


42,1 km
4:00 h
1059 m
1059 m
Bad Bergzabern railway station
Bad Bergzabern railway station


Route description

First, take the route from the railway station along the road and side streets through Bad Bergzabern to Böllenborn. Shortly before Böllenborn, there is a long ascent on asphalt. Don't take the road all the way up, turn right onto the single trail beforehand. The trail is not too difficult and is very flowing.


It now meets the main road again before turning back into the forest and following the next ascent. The route is then towards Birkenhördter Linde, always alternating between paved roads and trails. This is followed by another crossing of a district road. Now ride in the direction of Vorderweidenthal and follow another easy single trail until you reach Vorderweidenthal. There ride briefly on side roads before turning right again before the cemetery into the forest. The following short trail section ends on the main road which we follow for a few metres and turn left. The route now continues on a forest road to below the Lindelbrunn castle ruins, where we turn right and ride directly past the Cramerhaus, again climbing slightly.

 (Tourismusverein SÜW Bad Bergzabern e.V.)
 (Tourismusverein SÜW Bad Bergzabern e.V.)
Singletrail auf Tour 9 (Adrian Greiter Photodesign
Trail durch den Kellerfelsen (Adrian Greiter Photodesign


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