Maikammer - wayside shrines and crosses with barriers

A circular route that is suitable for many groups of people. It is varied, beautifully landscaped and offers a wealth of information on wayside shrines and field crosses in Maikammer. It also leads past many information boards on the wine trail. A few benches and two picnic areas with tables are available for resting.

3,2 km
1:00 h
58 m
58 m
Parking lot on Kalmithöhenstraße, left directly behind Maikammer-Alsterweiler.
Parking lot on Kalmithöhenstraße


Route description

From the parking lot, the circular route begins on the left in the direction of Maikammer. Directly below the parking lot, on the old sandstone wall, you can see the first wayside shrine, the Humm wayside shrine in Alsterweiler. On the main path it goes left with a view of the Rhine plain. After only a few meters you will see the cross on the left on the Heldwiesen. It continues straight on to the Alsterweiler Chapel. In between there are always benches to rest and the path leads past the wayside shrine Müller in Alsterweiler and the wayside shrine Gros on the Heldwiesen in Alsterweiler, which stands next to a beautiful silk tree. After this wayside shrine, continue straight ahead (the Alsterweiler Chapel is on the left) and around the historic Maikammer vineyard. Now cross the traffic road and into the traffic-calmed arm of Friedhostraße, then turn left into Friedhofstraße. Follow this until the road splits. Here is the wayside shrine in the upper sow directly at the top. At the fork, turn left until the end of the path. Here, under a birch, there is a cross in the lower ground. Now to the right and always straight ahead until it crosses the Deutsche Weinstrasse hiking trail, past the wayside shrine in the upper ground on the left and a few meters further on the wayside shrine on the middle heather on the right. The wayside shrine stands at the crossroads of the German Wine Route in Upper Dürkheimer. It climbs very gently to the picnic area with a fantastic view over Maikammer into the Rhine valley. Follow the path, go over Kalmithöhenstraße, past the Alsterbrunnen and immediately after the fountain on the left, it goes back to the parking lot.

Wanderung in Maikammer: Maikammer - Bildstöcke und Flurkreuze barrierefrei ()
Bildstock auf der mittleren Heide (Sabine Bassdorf)


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