Kirrweiler - Blücher circular route

The 5 km long circular trail leads in the direction of Edenkoben through the surrounding vineyards and later back through the village center to the starting point. A total of 10 stations describe the rise of Blücher and the victorious battle of the Prussian troops over the hostile French on May 28, 1794.

Interesting historical information about the wine and vacation resort of Kirrweiler, which served as a summer residence for the prince bishops of Speyer between 1280 and 1793, is also provided.

5,1 km
2:30 h
15 m
15 m
Edelhof in Kirrweiler
Edelhof in Kirrweiler


Route description

Following historical traces, the route leads from the start at Edelhof (display board: Kirrweiler and its history) westward towards Edenkoben through the vineyards to the display board "The battle of Kirrweiler". On the other side of the highway you will learn more about the young Blücher (display board 3)*. Turn left to the fourth display board "Blücher in der Pfalz". Via the display boards "Blücher becomes a hero of the wars of liberation" and "The victor of Waterloo" you reach the location of the former upper castle - the vanished Altenkirrweiler. Afterwards you will cross a highway bridge and return to the village to the historical scene of the Blitz (Dreifaltigkeitskapellchen). From there you reach the former castle district via the Maikammerer Tor.

On the way, illustrated panels tell about the life and work of Prince Blücher zu Wahlstatt, about the battle of Kirrweiler, and also about the special historical significance of today's Palatinate wine and vacation resort.

* If you would like to shorten the tour a bit, you can turn right instead of left at display board 3. This will take you directly to display board 6 ("The victor of Waterloo") and shortly thereafter to the upper castle of Altenkirrweiler.

Edelhof Kirrweiler (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Haardtrand I (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Haardtrand II (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Mandelblüten (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Schlössel (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Störche auf dem Rathaus (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)
Tafel Blücher-Rundweg (Ortsgemeinde Kirrweiler)


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