The Franco-German Pamina Cycle Route (Lauter Valley)

The Franco-German Pamina Cycle Route (Lauter Valley) is an important one as it serves as a connection between the Rhine plain with the Palatinate Forest and as a link to France.

57,6 km
3:15 h
392 m
503 m
Hinterweidenthal (train station)
Rhine ferry "Baden-Pfalz" in Neuburg


Route description

The route at a glance:

Hinterweidenthal - Wissembourg (31 km):
The cacle route remains in the (Wies) Lauter Valley throughout, a valley with many faces: in parts a beautiful meadow valley, elsewhere a narrow V-shaped valley, in other spots a dense forest.

Wissembourg - Rhine (28 km): 
At WIssembourg, the cycle route reaches the wide, flat Rhine plain and crosses the Bienwald forest.

Europadenkmal am ehemaligen Grenzübergang St. Germanshof-Weiler (Volker Matheis)
Teufelstisch bei Hinterweidenthal ("Pfalz.Touristik e.V., Foto: Dominik Ketz")
Radweg vorbei am Heufelsen Hinterweidenthal (Jaques Noll)
Planetenweg Hinterweidenthal (Jaques Noll)
Braut und Bräutigam (Patrick Küpper)
la Lauter (Volker Matheis)
Mühlrad an der Lauter bei Wissembourg (Volker Matheis)
Tour des Husgenossen, Wissembourg (Volker Matheis)
Lautermuschel (Norman P. Krauss)


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