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The Dampfnudel is a Palatinate national dish, as a yeast dough somewhat similar to the apricot dumpling, but is not "baked" in pure steam, but in the (cast iron) pan with salt crust.

The author of the Dampfnudel cookbook, Yvonne Graf, will pass on her knowledge to you based on a recipe from the Palatinate that is over 150 years old. In our cooking class we will prepare the yeast dough together, knead it, fry it and make a Dampfnudel burger from the golden brown baked Dampfnudel.

The finished Dampfnudel burger harmonizes perfectly with Riesling. While the yeast dough is rising, a Riesling wine tasting awaits you with winemaker Barbara Roth, who will join you in tasting the Riesling sparkling wine and the two Riesling wines. Learn more about our family winery and look forward to an entertaining, interactive and culinary evening online@Home!

The tasting box is enough for 2 people and includes:
Ingredients for the Dampfnudel:
1 kg Pfälzer Dampfnudel flour
1 can of Saumagen
1 jar of genuine Pfälzer Saumagen mustard (200 ml)
400 gr. sauerkraut
1 jar of gherkins
Recipe of the Pfälzer Dampfnudel - LUDA
Recipe for vanilla sauce
Shopping list List for cooking utensils and other equipment
Instructions for preparation

1 bottle Riesling Sekt brut 0,75l
1 bottle 2020 Riesling Feinherb 0,25l
1 bottle 2020 Riesling Spätlese dry 0,75l
Handout with wine expertises for further reading

Surcharge for participation with 4 persons (The tasting box contains additionally 1 can of Saumagen and our Riesling Kabinett trocken in the 0,75l bottle): 15,00€
Vegan alternative: Pea soup with vegan steamed noodles OR Indian curry OR vegan chilli

All wines and sparkling wines are German products and contain sulfites.

Package price: 109€ incl. shipping
Package price without wine tasting: 75€ incl. shipping

Dates, information and bookings:


Sekt- und Weingut Wilhelmshof


09.12.2023 · 17:00

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Sekt- und Weingut Wilhelmshof

Queichstraße 1, 76833 Siebeldingen

(0049) 6345-919147



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