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In our wine and cheese tasting online@Home, you will discover the perfect combination of wine and cheese and get to know the subtle similarities and differences of the individual protagonists. Our sommelière Susanne Lang will introduce you to our elegant Pinot Blanc sparkling wine, the spicy Pinot Gris, a powerful Pinot Noir and a noble sweet Riesling.

In addition, our favorite creamy cheese from Burgundy, a traditional raw goat's milk cheese, a red smear cheese affinated with noble wine marc and a mild blue cheese. You will receive the wine and cheese package 1-3 days before the selected date with the zoom link for the online seminar.

Dates: each from 19:00 to 21:00 clock
Saturday, 05.03.2022
Saturday, 09.04.2022
Friday, 29.04.2022
Friday, 14.10.2022
Friday, 11.11.2022
Saturday, 17.12.2022
Friday, 06.01.2023

The package is sufficient for 2-6 people and includes:
1 bottle of 2016 Weissburgunder Sekt brut (0.75l)
1 bottle 2019er Grauer Burgunder Im Sonnenschein Spätlese dry (0,75l)
1 bottle 2018 Pinot Noir Im Sonnenschein dry (0,5l)
1 bottle 2015 Riesling Auslese (0,25l)
Wine expertise Selected cheeses for 2 people -> An addition of the cheese for more people (always in increments of 2 / for 2, 4, 6,... people) is possible.

Package price: 115€ incl. shipping for 2 persons. Per additional cheese package 13€

Info, registration, as well as other dates and events outside the winery can be found at


Frau Barbara Roth


  • Fr–Sa 19:00 Uhr

@ Contact

Sekt- und Weingut Wilhelmshof

Queichstrasse 1, 76833 Siebeldingen

(0049) 6345-919147



More Dates
Fri., 14
Oct., 2022
Fri., 11
Nov., 2022
Sat., 17
Dec., 2022
Fri., 6
Jan., 2023
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