Das "arbeitende Museum" Elmsteiner Wappenschmiede


Förderverein historische Wappenschmiede e.V.

Förderverein historische Wappenschmiede e.V.
Möllbachstraße 7
67471 Elmstein

Phone : (0049) 621 574897


Historic "Wappenschmiede Elmstein" (coat of arms smithy)

The Elmstein coat-of-arms smithy - a tool smithy dating back to the 18th century was only closed down in 1975 and is, as far as we know, the third last water-powered hammer forge in the whole of Rhineland-Palatinate to have been preserved to this day.

Further information can be found on the homepage of the Wappenschmiede Elmstein (www.wappenschmiede-elmstein.de). 

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Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, no events or tours are being held at this time.