Autumn Market with Wine Village

Landau in der Pfalz


Landau Autumn Market - 10 days of great program

We celebrate the golden season
Date 2024: 07. to 16. September 2024

The folk festival with its traditional wine village is a prime example of two Southern Palatinate affairs of the heart: Boundless enjoyment and good humor. A folk festival par excellence! In the heart of the south of the Palatinate, in the center of historic Landau. Those who want to experience the conviviality of the region will get to know it in the wine village of the autumn market. Here we sway and laugh! Drinking and singing! Yes, it is enjoyed on all levels. With Landau wine and hearty Palatinate cuisine. The "Fressgasse" awaits you: a potpourri of regional culinary delights. At the "Krammarkt" you will find things that you have to search for elsewhere. Browse the many stalls of the friendly traders. The big amusement park is a great place to go. It goes up and down and all around. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow! Adrenaline-charged and breathtaking! Fun and entertaining. Fast-paced rides, children's carousels, an enchanting smell of roasted almonds, popcorn and cotton candy. An experience for everyone! If you see children's eyes sparkling, then you've come to the right place! At the autumn market in Landau! Because: Here the whole Southern Palatinate laughs and celebrates.


07.09. - 16.09.2024 · 11:00
  • Mo–So 11:00 Uhr

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