Winefestival: Klingener Rotweinkerwe



The name says it all. Apart from the Riesling Festschoppen, the winegrowers of the Klingen district offer wine festival visitors only wines made from red grapes. These are red wines, the popular white herbs and one or two red or rosé sparkling wines.

The Rotweinkerwe has been held in the municipality on the Southern Wine Route for over 15 years. It thus upholds its red wine tradition. From time immemorial, the cultivation of Pinot Noir, Sankt Laurent or Dornfelder has characterised viticulture in the village, which covers 300 hectares of vineyards. Currently, more than a third of the vineyard area is planted with red varieties.

At a wine tasting stand, visitors can sample the current range of wines from the local wineries; some red wines from the barrique barrel will also be served in 0.1-litre glasses. The organising associations, the farmers' association, the winegrowers' association, the choir and the countrywomen, each have a dish of the day on the menu for the three days of the wine festival, which is specially adapted to strong red wine. Roast wild boar is one of the appetising offerings.

When the wine sovereigns give the starting signal for the wine festival at the Klingen church on Saturday before nightfall, visitors have the favourable opportunity to taste the wine offer for the festival days free of charge for about one hour. For a first orientation. "A nice little festival" is what the Rotweinkerwe in the village on the Klingbach is supposed to remain: The light music plays in the background, the red wine is in the foreground.

Welcome to the Rotweinkerwe in Klingen! CHEERS! THE PALATINATE!


02.09. - 04.09.2023
  • Mo–So

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Ortsgemeinde Heuchelheim-Klingen

76831 Heuchelheim-Klingen


76831 Heuchelheim-Klingen

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