Lachwanderung - Lachen in den Weinbergen



The short walk through the nature of Maikammer begins after a few metres with the participants getting to know each other, small exercises such as friendly head nods and light movements. During a few stops with different breathing exercises and playful laughter sequences, it becomes clear that laughter is possible without telling jokes and having a clown in between. No one is singled out, everyone laughs and acts together. In the end, the realisation remains: those who laugh a lot go through life healthier and with more joie de vivre, because laughing strengthens the immune system and ensures fun and good humour for oneself as well as for the environment.

The laughter and breathing exercises require no prior knowledge and are even more effective in the fresh air.

The laughter walk can also be booked on a separate date for a closed group of 6-14 people.


  • Do 15:00 Uhr

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Büro für Tourismus Maikammer

Weinstraße Süd 40, 67487 Maikammer

(0049) 6321 952768


Alsterweiler Hauptstraße 5, 67487 Maikammer

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