Theader Freinsheim "Es klopft bei Wanja in der Nacht"



We will play and make music for you and you the heart-warming family play for small and big people
A knock at Wanja's door in the night - by Tilde Michels -.
In this Peace Prize-winning story, four different creatures have the courage to overcome their fears of each other and thus create a peaceful coexistence for an entire night under one roof. On a freezing cold blizzard night, only Vanya's lonely hut on the edge of the forest offers warm shelter to first a miserably freezing hare, then a similar fox and later a bear. While the individual animals fear the danger posed to them by the other animal and would rather exclude the others in need of help and thus think themselves safe, Vanya recognises the need, opens his door to them all and saves them from freezing to death. What's more, all four of them spend a peaceful night together in the heated hut, although the storm continues to rage outside. But their trust in peace is still too fresh. Early in the morning, the animal guests are again overcome by doubt and fear. One by one they flee their cosy shelter and go their separate ways again. Wanja wonders if he has imagined it all. But no, there are clearly the tracks of the others in front of his hut in the fresh snow.
Anja Kleinhans plays and tells this touching winter story for young and old people of all ages, directed by Uli Hoch and musically accompanied by the duo 'Mélange à Deux' - Ulrike Albeseder on oboe and Uwe Hanewald on accordion.
All performance rights are held by Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf GmbH Hamburg.

The ticket price for these performances is 10 euros for children and 15 euros for adults. Advance reservations are requested at
(The play can, of course, also be booked as a family or Christmas party outside the regular programme). Further information about our special little tower theatre in the historic Freinsheim city wall can be found at 

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Theader Freinsheim, 67251 Freinsheim

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