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Experience a virtual walk through the idyllic vineyards around Siebeldingen and through our historic family winery.

Barbara Roth takes you on a voyage of discovery and shows you the working steps at Wilhelmshof. Be up close when vines are planted, grapes are harvested by hand, wine is pressed and the wine is bottled. Experience a whole year in viticulture and learn more about the work in the winery.

Look forward to an enjoyable evening, relaxing from the comfort of your own home and learning more about the history and philosophy of our winery during our interactive online wine walking tour.

Available dates: always from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Saturday, 12.03.2022
Thursday, 14.04.2022
Wednesday, 25.05.2022
Saturday, 10.09.2022
Friday, 07.10.2022
Saturday, 05.11.2022
Saturday, 03.12.2022
Saturday, 07.01.2022
Saturday, 28.01.2022

The package is sufficient for 2 people and includes:
1 bottle of Weissburgunder brut (0,2l)
1 bottle of Riesling Buntsandstein (0,75l)
1 bottle of Pinot Blanc Im Sonnenschein (0,25l)
1 bottle of Pinot Noir Muschelkalk (0,75l)
Two Palatinate trout fillets smoked and vacuumed with cream seaweed in a glass
Wine pasta with vineyard herbs 250 grams & gourmet pasta sauce Palatina 250 grams
Chocolate truffles hand rolled with nuts and wild berries
Wine excerpts to read Magazine "Wine Country Palatinate"

All wines and sparkling wines are German products and contain sulfites.

Package price: 109€ incl. shipping

Dates, information and bookings:


Frau Barbara Roth


  • Mi–Sa 19:30 Uhr

@ Contact

Sekt- und Weingut Wilhelmshof

Queichstrasse 1, 76833 Siebeldingen

(0049) 6345-919147



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