Kerwe in Wilgartswiesen



Welcome to the place where friends of the Kirchweih get together.

The Kirchweih, or church consecration festival, has many names and because of the wide spread of church consecration festivals and their respective local peculiarities, various names have become established in the regional dialects for the Kirchweih, in our case the "KERWE". The Kerwe has been celebrated since the Middle Ages as a religious festival on the occasion of the consecration of a Christian church building. It has the status of a high festival. Today, the religious context usually plays a subordinate role.

The church consecration tradition has changed over the years in such a way that today, on the occasion of the "Kerwe", an important village institution, the "Straußbuwe" and meanwhile also the "Straußmäde" artistically decorate the "Kerwe" tree and organise the annual festival together with the communities.

All of these festivals have one thing in common: the joy of celebrating together, enjoying delicious food and freshly tapped beer, dancing to cheerful music and cultivating old church festival customs.



16.09. - 19.09.2022

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