Ja wo sinn se donn?



In March 2020, in the deep pandemic crisis, everything started for fun! With his videos about the Palatinate and the Weinstrasse, Tim Poschmann reached over 2.5 million users. He draws a satirical, funny way about the tourists arriving in streams in the Palatinate Forest. Especially on the kicker he has the neighbors from the Palatinate, the Heidelberg and Saarlanders, which he is now missing again. Of course, the winemaker Bu also talks about his own needs, because with the stressful winemaking life, especially nowadays, the vacation is of course far too short, if a woman is urgently needed in the company, you naturally miss the wine festivals that everyone loves and lead your own Preferably tests with Riesling spritzer. Now you can finally experience “De Winzer Bu” with his solo comedy show LIVE. For Tim Poschmanns only one thing applies to every phase you are in: “Laughter keeps you healthy and this at all times.” That's just how a similar Pälzer Bu speaks! And if you don't want to miss it, come back when it says: "Ja wo sinn se donn?"


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Marktstraße 8, 67487 Maikammer