Sven Hieronymus - ALS OB!



The rocker is fifty. Time of change. His daughter is moving out. Unfortunately not his son. He is now on the threshold of adulthood, but he simply cannot find this threshold and if he does, he gets stuck on it and falls down. But at least it is enough to explain life to your old rocker father. And when the rocker objects, he always says: “As if!” Communication with his wife has changed now that the children have grown up. He has recognized when and how you can still have sex with your wife even in old age and what a man has to do for it. When he's not having to help his daughter renovate or his son is explaining to him how to drive a car properly - after all, he has had his driver's license for a few weeks. The rocker has gotten older, but nothing has improved. He's still the idiot in the family and no one likes him at home. Not even the dog! So he goes back on stage, only to realize in the end: I can cry ... cry!

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Boulevardtheater Maikammer

Bürgerhaus Maikammer- Marktstraße 8, 67487 Maikammer


Marktstraße 8, 67487 Maikammer

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