Fischerfest der Meeresfischer Peter und Paul


Fishermen's festival with delicious fish offers.


Also this year, the " sea fisherman Peter & Paul e.V. " invite you to their traditional, extraordinary fisherman's festival on the festival site behind the primary school in Bruchweiler-Bärenbach.



The festival starts on Wednesdays from 12:00 with a subsequent guest evening and then continues on Saturday and Sunday, starting with an early kick-off.


The sea fishermen are known for their particularly tasty fish offerings and have therefore found a great deal of acclaim in recent years.


The menu ranges from self-smoked fish, pickled salmon, fresh salmon fillet with green noodles and Riesling sauce, shrimp with spagetti, baked zander and redfish fillet and homemade potato salad to various fish rolls and a dish on charcoal grill.


All fish are freshly delivered.

The enthusiastic sea fishermen go almost every year for a week for deep-sea fishing in northern waters.



The association, which was founded in 1984 with currently 90 members, is one of the most eager clubs in the village of Bruchweiler-Bärenbach, which has made a name for itself with its more than 30 fishing festivals far beyond the county border.



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