Glimbornstraße 21
76889 Oberschlettenbach

Phone : (0049) 6398 326
Fax : (0049) 6398 993196


Species-appropriate animal husbandry and special products of the family farm Döllinger

We are a small family farm in the heart of the beautiful southern Palatinate, in the small idyllic village of Oberschlettenbach. It is close to our heart to run and develop our young farm in harmony with the natural needs of our animals, which are hardly considered in conventional farms. The welfare of our animals is our top priority, which is why, as one of the pioneers in our region, we have decided to keep our laying hens in mobile pens and our Angus cattle in suckler pens. Thus, we offer free-range eggs, soup chickens, free-range chicken and meat from our Angus grazing cattle, which we sell from our farm directly to private customers, but also through regional stores, including small village regional stores, wine taverns, Edeka and SBK markets and Wasgau markets.

Here you can find our vending machines with regional products (eggs, pasta, honey):

76829 Landau: corner of Zweibrückerstrasse/Schlossstrasse,
76889 Oberschlettenbach: Glimbornstr. 21
76889 Kapsweyer: Hauptstr. 5

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