katholische Kirche St. Sebastian


katholische Kirche Silz

katholische Kirche Silz
Schönbachstraße 1
76857 Silz

Phone : +49 6346 9895680


A chapel was mentioned in Silz as early as the 15th century. After several changes of denomination, Silz became Catholic again in the 18th century. In 1766, the church of St. Sebastian was built in the Baroque style. This church was demolished in 1976 and a modern new building was erected between 1978 and 1980 according to the plans of the Stuttgart architect Neumann. The design for the paintings on the back wall of the altar is by the sculptor Gerhard Tagwerker, who was also allowed to design the choir room. The baroque sculpture of St. Sebastian comes from the old church building. In 2006, the church of St. Sebastian received its abstract art glazing based on designs by the Karlsruhe artist Michael Mannel.

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