katholische Kirche St. Philipp und Jakobus


katholische Kirche St. Philippus und Jakobus

katholische Kirche St. Philippus und Jakobus
Kirchstraße 13
76857 Wernersberg

Phone : +49 6346 9895680


The tower of the church has been preserved from the late Middle Ages. The ribbed vault there was the former chancel. The nave dates from 1782, the new building is from 1966. Inside the church there are valuable sculptures from the Middle Ages, including a crucifixion group from the 15th century.

This building is a testimony to the medieval building culture in the Palatinate and part of the European model project "Sternenweg - Chemin des Étoiles". In the Middle Ages, pilgrims of St. James travelled along many different routes, but they oriented themselves to the old bishoprics such as Speyer or Strasbourg, to architectural witnesses such as churches, monasteries or castles, and to the stars. Today, many of these stone witnesses are marked with a scallop shell. They invite you to travel in the footsteps of the St. James pilgrims, to discover gems of cultural heritage and to find peace and contemplation off the beaten track. Pilgrimage stands for the motifs of democracy, peace, tolerance and freedom and aims to promote international understanding across borders. Further information: https://www.sternenweg.net

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