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b.a.u.m-natur GmbH

b.a.u.m-natur GmbH
Raiffeisenstraße 3
67487 Maikammer

Phone : (0049) 06321 33866
Fax : (0049) 06321 5790046


Wood is our passion. Our role model and material supplier is nature. As a partner company of the Palatinate Forest-Northern Vosges Biosphere Reserve, we have joined forces with 60 other companies under the motto "Living sustainably in the Palatinate!"

We are committed to nature and the environment. This thought is also reflected in our company philosophy. In 1986 we founded the Biological Development and Furniture Workshop GmbH, or B.A.U.M. for short, in Neustadt. As a carpentry and wood workshop, we manufacture all types of solid wood furniture and kitchens. Other fields of work are interior design and window renovation in the area of ​​monument protection.

We mainly use local woods. In our organic hardware store we offer natural building materials such as wood, hemp, flax, clay building materials, floor coverings, natural paints and oils for a wide variety of applications. These building biological materials are used both in the renovation of old buildings, energy-saving building renovations and in new buildings.

Healthy sleep is important to us. In our specialist market there is the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information on the subject of mattresses, springs, solid wood and upholstered beds. Here too, environmental compatibility has a very high priority.

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