Wind- und Wolkenstein - Frankeneck



Bahnhofstraße 60
67471 Elmstein

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Wind and clouds move around the earth and form a protective shell of air. With every breath, air also flows in and out of us and keeps us healthy. Our breath participates in the breath of the earth. Watch out for wind and clouds! Keep the breath of the earth healthy.

What do you do, wind, - you heavenly child? You wing and wing in vain in the air! "Not wandering jest! I nourish the heart - With earthy scent and forest fragrance!" - What brings, wind? - You celestial child? - "A morning greeting, a cry of delight!" - From the hollow of a bird? - From the soul of a lark? - "No, no! From a full human breast!"

(Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, *11.10.1825 in Zurich, died 28.11.1898 in Kilchberg)

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