Siegfried Line Museum

Bad Bergzabern

Westwallmuseum Bad Bergzabern

Westwallmuseum Bad Bergzabern
Kurfürstenstraße 21
76887 Bad Bergzabern


The Siegfried Line Museum Bad Bergzabern is located in the last remaining artillery bunkers of Siegfried Line in the Southern Palatinate. In the listed buildings and on the museum grounds, visitors not only get to learn about the political and military background to these fortifications and their use for Nazi propaganda, they also gain a detailed insight into the life of the bunker crews.

One bunker is dedicated to the development, construction, use and importance of the preserved ruins of the bunker facilities in the present. The profound and often dramatic influence of the Siegfried Line on the life of the population is also an essential part of history that we document. Expropriation, destruction and the triple evacuation of the civilian population are some of the forgotten incidents of this dark era.

The second bunker, which has a reconstructed interior, was furnished to be as close to the original as possible. Not only is there a 10.5 cm cannon to be observed, the restored soldiers' accommodation area, the former ammunition depot, where military communications media from the era is exhibited, offers you an authentic insight into the probably rather claustrophobic bunker experience of that time.

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