Weisenheim am Sand - Protestantische Kirche

Weisenheim am Sand

Protestantische Kirche

Protestantische Kirche
67256 Weisenheim am Sand


In 1832 the church was extended and the west portal was moved. Renaissance epitaph in the choir arch, a female figure with child. The wall around the church, reinforced with breastwork and embrasures, was demolished around 1830. In 1955, a new altar was erected, a work by the Maxdorf sculptor Hauck. The church received new pews, and the bars in front of the presbyter's pews were removed. The windows in the choir were created according to designs by the painter Otto Ditscher 1962/1963, Neuhofen: "Annunciation to the Shepherds" (Christmas) and "Resurrection of Christ" (Easter). Further donations are the baptismal font made of Greek marble, 1966 by Franz Lind, Freinsheim. The altar cross is by Gernot Rumpf, Neustadt/W., 1994. Bells: 4 cast steel bells 1949 Bochumer Verein (d'-f'-g'-b'). Organ: 1893 C. F. Walcker, II manuals / 18 stops, rebuilt 1966 Oberlinger / Owart.

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