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MuK Weisenheim am Sand e.V.

MuK Weisenheim am Sand e.V.
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Regular live concerts and after-work parties with high-profile musicians of different styles. Can we get Hannes Bauer, Udo Lindenberg's Panik guitarist, to come to Weisenheim? This question, posed in 2004, can be answered with a resounding "yes" 17 years later. In order to put the growing popularity into sustainable structures, the "Musik und Kultur (MUK) Weisenheim am Sand e.V." was founded by 19 members on 20 January 2007. In the meantime, the association has grown to over 400 members.

Armin Rühl, Peter Stahl and Wolfy Ziegler started the first after-work party in 2004 as Friday-Night-Igels in the "Adler" music pub. Since then, there has been a concert every 1st Friday of the month from October to April, where Germany's top-class musicians perform with our Igels. In addition to Hannes Bauer and all the members of the Herbert Grönemeyer Band, Edo Zanki, Lucy Diakowska (No Angels), Rolf Stahlhofen and SWR3 celebrity Stefanie Tücking have been our guests, to name but a few.

From October 2019 onwards, Herb Jösch (Stefan Raab Band "heavytones") and Stefan Kahne took over and successfully continued the Afterworkpartys 2020 in virtual form due to the Corona pandemic with guests such as Andreas Kümmert (winner of the German elimination for the Eurovision Song Contest), Stefanie Nerpel (Voice of Germany), Stephan Ullmann ("Dein Song") and many more guests. Our acoustic guitar specials have established themselves. International greats of the fingerstyle scene such as Don Ross, Werner Lämmerhirt, Claus Boesser-Ferrari, Clive Carroll, Adam Rafferty or the young stars Calum Graham and Alexandr Misko, who were voted among the top guitarists worldwide by a trade magazine, come to us on the occasion of their few concerts in Germany. Own event forms, such as "Flying MUK", have been developed. Every year, four top acts are brought to the stages of four local venues in half-hour intervals. The 10th anniversary festival in August 2017 went down in the history of our village as a highlight. A four-mast circus tent, complete with circus wagons, artists and jugglers, provided the perfect setting for concerts spread over an entire weekend under the motto "Hereinspaziert". Even Werner Köhler (SWR1 musical guru), with whom we hosted the premiere event of his "Pop Stories", sent greetings. Since July 2018, we have been the proud operators of our "MUK's". Concerts with artists like Marco Lehnertz (Jupiter Jones), Frank Rohles (mus. director of the "We rock" musicals in Zurich & Toronto) or Hagen Grohe (Joe Perry Project, Aerosmith) were organised; we celebrated our Irish Night with Paddy Schmidt (Paddy goes to Holyhead); through our partnership with the POPAKADEMIE Mannheim, we offer young, extremely talented students a stage for their songs. On 19 May 2019, we stepped onto consecrated ground for the first time and welcomed over 300 guests to a concert with "One Voice Down" in our Protestant church. And so that not only adults have fun, we hold a workshop with professional musicians for our primary school children every two years. In the difficult phase of the Corona pandemic, we were among the first to offer live concerts again and to financially support the artists whose existence was threatened. In the meantime, we are mentioned in the same breath as established concert organisers such as the Capitol in Mannheim and the Kammgarn in Kaiserslautern.

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