Weisenheim am Sand - Ludwigshain

Weisenheim am Sand

Naherholungsgebiet Ludwigshain

Naherholungsgebiet Ludwigshain
67256 Weisenheim am Sand


The approx. 50 ha recreational area of Weisenheim am Sand with its small lake not only offers nature and bird lovers ample opportunity to observe and get to know the local fauna and flora. It is also the leisure destination of many Weisenheim residents. Here you will find a playground, an excursion pub, (forest) hiking trails, a small lake (not a bathing lake), a riding club nearby and opportunities for summer biathlon leave few sporting needs unfulfilled. In winter, when the temperature is right, an ice-skating rink is created on a meadow specially flooded for this purpose.

The Ludwigshain is also the venue for the Forest Spectacle with Forest Lights in April, the Quetschewanderung in September and the Romantische Waldweihnacht in winter.

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