Weisenheim am Sand - Heimat- und Museumsverein Weisenheim am Sand e.V.

Weisenheim am Sand

Heimat- und Museumsverein Weisenheim am Sand

Heimat- und Museumsverein Weisenheim am Sand
Ziegelhütte 3
67256 Weisenheim a. Sand


The name is intended to express that we are connected to the Palatinate and its traditions and that we try to preserve objects and written material from "old times" and occasionally exhibit them, even though we do not maintain a formal museum. We see ourselves as a cultural association that participates in village life in many ways and finances certain projects. For example, we have established the Federweißen Festival in our village, traditionally stirred Latwerg in the copper kettle on numerous occasions, organised a large farmers' market at the railway station on the anniversary of the Frankenthal / Freinsheim railway line, revived the tradition of storytelling and reading aloud on winter evenings at our "Winter Evening by the Fireplace", and had some renovation and beautification work carried out on the historic old town hall, our "ancestral home". From old agricultural implements, household items, crockery and vessels to a collection of old photographs, we have collected or been given many things. The cultural side is represented by performances on theme evenings and small lecture soirees, by guided tours of the town, exhibitions (such as KIR = Art in the Old Town Hall with artists from the surrounding area or theme exhibitions organised by ourselves), performances in the field of cabaret. We participate in village life by decorating an Easter fountain, by organising Advent window campaigns at the Advent midweeks, by participating with our own stand at the Quetschefest and at the Waldweihnacht, by creating and looking after the 3 Sandhasen hiking trails. Thanks to our hard-working helpers at the festivals, we have been able to contribute donations to the death bell at the cemetery, to the Sandhasen fountain and to investments in the Catholic and Protestant churches; we have financed, for example, the two illustrated books on the history of Weisenheim, the electric organ in the funeral parlour, playground equipment on the Ludwigshain and explanatory signs for the street names. We have about 120 members. Our board consists of W. Weber (1st chairman), M. Pirrmann (2nd chairman), A. Mayer-Pirrmann (3rd chairman), H. Bold (treasurer), E. Burst (secretary). We want to continue these projects and participations in the future, as far as circumstances allow.

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