Weisenheim am Berg - Protestantische Kirche

Weisenheim am Berg

Prot. Kirchengemeinde Weisenheim am Berg

Prot. Kirchengemeinde Weisenheim am Berg
Kirchgasse 9
67273 Weisenheim am Berg

Phone : (0049) 6353 7482


The village was first mentioned in the Lorsch Codex in 771. The nave was probably built towards the end of the 12th century. The first documented mention of the church was in 1283, when the knight Konrad von Reichenbach sold the right of patronage, which originally belonged to Ellwangen Abbey, to the Worms Cathedral Chapter. The church was dedicated to the martyrs John and Paul mentioned in the Roman Canon of the Mass; it belonged to the Diocese of Worms and is listed in the Worms Synod of 1496. In 1571, the church, located in the county of Leiningen-Hardenburg, which introduced the Reformation in 1566, received a Lutheran pastor for the first time. Since the Lutheran-Reformed Union of 1818, Weisenheim has been a parish of the Evangelical Regional Church of the Palatinate.

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