Weinstube Spelzenhof


Weinstube Spelzenhof

Weinstube Spelzenhof
Hauptstr. 77
67482 Altdorf

Phone : (0049) 6323 845


We would like to give our guests a very special atmosphere. Create a small oasis of tranquility. To pamper the senses with special features. The Spelzenhof should convey culture and quality of life. Our guests appreciate the way we prepare our food. We use almost exclusively fresh raw materials from original production. Our partners are the local farmers of the Palatinate. Freshness, naturalness and health, these are our highest guiding principles for cooking and baking. We invite you to discover the Spelzenhof. Taste and philosophize about wine. Spoil yourself with Palatine delicacies. Take a relaxing break in the romantic wine farm.

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