Weinstube Harald Schäffer


Weingut Harald Schäffer

Weingut Harald Schäffer
Bergstraße 8
76889 Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Phone : (0049) 06342 7897


Our family-run winery was founded by Willi Schäffer and is now managed by his son Harald. Today we cultivate a vineyard of about 27 hectares, which are located on German as well as on French soil. In our own cellars, the proud result of all our efforts matures into noble drops, but also into table companions for every day. We produce exquisite quality wines with and without predicate, from dry to sweet, secco as well as grape and apple juice. Our range includes both white and red wines, some of which are aged in barrique barrels. If you like it a little more high-proof, you can try the distillates from our schnapps distillery. There, noble brandies are distilled from mirabelles, plums, Williams-Christ pears and the Delicious apple. Particularly recommended is a pomace brandy, a grappa made from the Gewürztraminer or Pinot Noir grape. Also in the range: yeast brandy

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