Weingut-Weinstube Edel-Brauch


Weingut-Weinstube Edel-Brauch

Weingut-Weinstube Edel-Brauch
St. Martinerstr. 30
67480 Edenkoben

Phone : (0049) 63232555
Fax : (0049) 63231352


Relax in our Palatinate climate, in the middle of the Edenkoben vineyards and enjoy our fine wines and our regional and sophisticated dishes. We do not reserve any parking spaces - you can arrive and depart from us as you wish. We have to charge a guest contribution of €1 per person per night for the town of Edenkoben. Please register with us for this. Our customer parking lot is free of charge. However, we would appreciate a donation for electricity/water/disposal and our site maintenance. A cash desk is available for you at the bar of the Weingasthof. You can also deposit your guest contribution here. You can find further information here: www.edel-brauch.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Information_Womo.pdf

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