Weingut Völcker


Weingut Völcker

Weingut Völcker
An der Eselshaut 15
67435 Neustadt-Mußbach

Phone : (0049) 6321-66050
Fax : (0049) 6321-66054


In the early 16th century the first generation sold their grapes to the former Order of St. John. Later generations began around the year 1800 to produce the first wines. Initially the Völcker family cultivated not only vines but also the so called madder roott (lat. Rubia Tinctorum, dyer's red) and processed it into dyes. Madder was used exclusively for dyeing garments. Today the ninth generation of wine growers are cultivating the land. Just like the love of wine, the sense of architecture is planted in the Völcker DNA as can be seen in the vaulted cellar and throughout the estate and the vinotheque (finisched in 2017): . The vinotheque perfectly complements the existing buildings. It adds its own accent to the vinyard and opens up exciting perspectives for the future of the winery.

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