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Our winery was founded in 1959 by Fridolin Rohr in Venningen. In 1968, the business was converted from a traditional mixed operation to a pure winegrowing operation. In the course of this, the first bottled wine was also produced. The beginning started with 4 ha of vineyards only in Venningen. Unfortunately, due to the early death of Fridolin Rohr (1980), the business could not be continued continuously. Which led to a short-lived standstill. In 1993 a new beginning took place through the marriage of Paul Hilsendegen and Martina Rohr. In the following years, Paul Hilsendegen's parental farm in Ottersheim was also integrated into the winery. Today our winery cultivates a vineyard area of about 30 ha. Our vineyards are located in the communities of Venningen,Kirrweiler, Edenkoben, Großfischlingen, Offenbach, Ottersheim, Knittelsheim and Bellheim. This results in a great variety of wines that are characterized by the different terroir.

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