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Since 1986, the Lebenshilfe winery has been engaged in social and ecological viticulture. 35 people with mental disabilities, together with seven skilled workers, cultivate 23 hectares of vineyards, including almost 3 hectares of recultivated terraced vineyards.

Our winery is a special place. A place of encounter, craftsmanship and joy. In the winery, people come together every day with all their passion and joy for wine, working hand in hand and eye to eye to produce wines of character. Here, everyone is allowed to be who they are and to develop freely. Our work is a real pleasure for us and we appreciate that.

In addition to the careful treatment of nature, we place the highest value on the quality of our wines and sparkling wines. In cooperation with the weather conditions, which make us look forward and tremble every year, we try to vinify wines full of character and above all typical for the vintage. Our range of varieties includes mainly Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, St. Laurent and Pinot Noir.


Many thoughts and hours of work go into our site wines, grown in very special vineyards. In these vineyards lie the origins of our winegrowing group, the reclamation of old terraces around the Wachenheimer Wachtenburg and the Bad Dürkheimer Michaelskapelle.

At first, it was our task to recultivate the vineyard plots, some of which had already been abandoned, and to cultivate them with laborious manual work. It is wonderful to experience that we can preserve and care for these valuable natural areas and at the same time produce particularly distinctive wines from the vines growing there. Careful manual work in the vineyard throughout the year, the strict selection of the grapes during the harvest and an individual wine aging in wooden barrels make these wines something very special.

Our site wines:
The Schlossberg is the origin of all our work. Around the Wachtenburg above Wachenheim, we cultivate 1.5 hectares of terraced vineyards where only Riesling grapes thrive. It all began with the reclamation of old terraced sites, which the team of Weingut Lebenshilfe has made into what they are today with much dedication and painstaking work since 1986. The terraces on which the vines stand have been rebuilt and cultivated by hand, stone by stone, by our employees. The individual small plots can only be cultivated by hand or with the help of a vineyard caterpillar. Thanks to them, we can obtain rich wines from this precious natural environment.

The special climate and the consistent manual work in these plots give these Rieslings their typicality. The soil is characterized by barren sandstone. This and the particularly high location at 250 m NN and the associated late ripening. The harvest of the Schlossberg often means the end of the grape harvest and the autumn season. The wine harvested there is often somewhat cooler and saltier in taste, with the peach aroma typical of riesling.

Schlossberg Riesling
The site wine "Wachenheimer Schlossberg Riesling trocken" is a grippy Riesling with taut acidity. Pressed from golden-yellow, small-berried grapes that are hand-selected while still in the vineyard during the Schlossberg harvest and then aged in half-barrels in the cellar. Schlossberg Riesling is an expressive, intense Riesling with a powerful flavor and long aging potential.


One might think that the Michelsberg, crowned with the Michaels Chapel, rises directly from Bad Dürkheim. At its feet, the largest wine festival in the world, the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt, takes place every September. Leased from the city, we cultivate two terraced vineyards planted with Riesling and Pinot Blanc. The soil at Michelsberg is characterized by lime deposits. Because of this and the strong influence of the sun shining on this south-facing slope, the wines from Michelsberg are very opulent and yellow-fruited.

The Michelsberg site in Bad Dürkheim is located at an altitude of about 150 meters above sea level and covers only 4.8 hectares.

The former glacial island east of Bad Dürkheim slopes to the southeast. The vineyards are laid out in terraces that have never been cultivated. Thus, this frost-protected, breezy south-facing slope is surrounded by sandstone walls, which, in addition to optimal exposure to sunlight, store heat once again and release it at night.

The site got its name from the pilgrimage chapel of St. Michael, which stood there until 1601. The soil is characterized by strong limestone marl, so that the wines from the Michelsberg are characterized by their minerality and spiciness and are very storable.

Michelsberg Riesling
The Michelsberg Riesling is vinified in small wooden barrels. Year after year, a full-bodied, full-bodied Riesling is created here. Powerful, soft and creamy with a fine peach scent. The chalky soil buffers and softens the often crisp acidity of the Riesling.

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