Weingut Klohr/Mußbach


Weingut Klohr

Weingut Klohr
An der Eselshaut 67
67435 Neustadt-Mußbach

Phone : (0049) 6321-66439
Fax : (0049) 6321-600368


Our families have been growing grapes for four generations. back then as well as today are we working sustainably and aim to conserve resources in order to be able to leave behind healthy and living "wine soil" for future generations. In order to be able to operate our craft in a sustainable manner do we need to be aware of our responsibility for nature itself. That is why we cultivate our vineyards according to the guidelines of the "Kontrolliert-Umweltschonenden Weinbaus, KUW (Controlled-Environmentally Friendly Viticulture) Rhineland-Palatinate .

In this way are we able to ensure a healthy balance in the vineyard, since this is the only way to create an unadulterated natural wine. We paying special attention to gentle aging in the cellar in order to produce wines of the highest quality. None of our wines are the same. Each wine and each vintage has its own character. Try it!

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