Weingut Jülg


Weingut Jülg

Weingut Jülg
Hauptstr. 1
76889 Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Phone : (0049) 6342-919090
Fax : (0049) 6342-919091


Elegance, precision and uncompromising quality - that's what our wines stand for. Because as German / French border crossers, we combine the best of two cultures. This is the credo of our family since 1961.

In the cellar, we develop the wines in the way that best suits the respective grape variety - in stainless steel tanks, in traditional Palatinate barrels, in oak barrels or barriques, so that the terroir and the site are bottled in a natural and gentle way.

We know the trends of the wine world, but we do not run after them. We respect the traditions of wine as a cultural asset, but we do not freeze in awe.

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