Weingut Gies-Düppel


Weingut Gies-Düppel

Weingut Gies-Düppel
Am Rosenberg 5
76831 Birkweiler

Phone : (0049) 6345-919156


Red sandstone, shell limestone, Rotliegendes - we can show you hundreds of millions of years of geological history. And in our wines. During a tour of our vineyards. It is rare to find so many different soil types in such a small area as here in Birkweiler, Albersweiler and Ranschbach.

With 40% riesling, 14% pinot noir and 13% pinot blanc and 13% pinot gris, it is clear where the focus is at Gies-Düppel: The site designations are therefore only used for the higher quality lines of these four grape varieties.Other grape varieties include sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, scheurebe, viognier, muscat, syrah, merlot and cabernet franc.

Our cultivation methods are environmentally friendly. The density of our wines is no accident. Going through the rows of vines several times to thin and select them results in yields that may seem ridiculously low to some, but which guarantee us high quality. The construction of the cellar is also an important indicator of modern processing with a traditional approach: careful work can be done on several levels. We mainly use stainless steel vats for the white wines. Some of the single-vineyard wines are also vinified in large oak barrels. Red wines mature mainly in barriques, although we prefer to use slightly larger barrels so that the influence of the wood does not become too dominant.

For the same reason of preserving the natural fruit, we also remove the Pinot Noir from the must after about ten days of fermentation. But we'd also like to explore new possibilities through experimentation, to see our path confirmed and broadened.
In the tasting room with its panoramic view, the tasting is magnificent. For example, wines that have a link with the soil in which they were grown. They are extremely different, even for the same grape variety. Compare our Rieslings from slate, granite, clay and limestone - the differences will jump out at you.

The winery is a member of the "Forum Pfalz" and the "Südpfalz Connexion".

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