Weingut Geisser


Weingut Geisser

Weingut Geisser
Längelssraße 1
76889 Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Phone : (0049) 6342 7502
Fax : (0049) 6342 6160


The Palatinate and Alsace border on each other in Schweigen. Here, the Palatinate Forest merges with the Northern Vosges Mountains. Today, large parts of our vineyards from old family ownership lie on the French side. For us, this is a stroke of luck, because this is also where we find the filestocks of our vineyards: south-facing and with the kind of soil and microclimate that provide our vines with ideal conditions for producing wines full of character.

Border value: The wine landscape is as diverse as the way of life in the border region. The variety of soils and sites is reflected in the wines.

Wine needs time. Wine is not created entirely without our intervention, but healthy, ripe grapes make it easier for us in the cellar. We rely on gentle vinification and modern cellar technology. Our wines develop their individual character thanks to our restraint in interfering with the natural fermentation and ripening processes. In this way, aromas typical of the variety and vintage develop. Every Geisser wine is different - something special.

A firework of aromas. Climate, soil, grape variety, yield, aging - many criteria determine what ends up in the glass. Our red wines mature for the most part in small, new oak barrels, the barriques. The interplay of fruit and roasted aromas, as well as the influence of tannins, gives the wine harmony and body. But it also ensures a long storage and development potential.

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