Weingut Friedrich Becker


Weingut Friedrich Becker

Weingut Friedrich Becker
Hauptstr. 29
76889 Schweigen-Rechtenbach

Phone : (0049) 6342-290
Fax : (0049) 6342-6148


Typical for the south of the Palatinate were mixed farms that, among many other things, always grew wine. This was also the case for us Beckers. It was only around the middle of the last century that the realization dawned that our soils and slopes on the edge of the Palatinate Forest offered outstanding conditions for the best wines. Since then, winemaking has been our profession. And passion at the same time. In 1973, we filled the first bottles and affixed the Füchschen label to them, which in a very short time has become our trademark. For old friends of our wines and in the meantime for many wine connoisseurs in the world, this label stands for a very unique type of wine of uncompromisingly high quality. Our red wines in particular, including the Pinot Noirs, have been among the best produced in this country for years. Our winery is a member of the VDP. The Gault-Millau rates our performance with 4 out of 5 possible grapes.

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