Weingut Familie Martin


Weingut Familie Martin

Weingut Familie Martin
Hauptstr. 16
76865 Insheim

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"Good wines are made in the vineyard, with nature and not against it. That's why we do organic farming."

Company with tradition and strong roots

Grandfather, father, son - since 1956 the life of our family has revolved around the production of wine. On 18 hectares of land and with one unifying goal: Father Karlfried Martin makes sure the grapes are healthy, son Sebastian makes really good organic wines from the grapes.

Organic with responsibility

Earthworms help us to work in harmony with nature. The use of purely biological means revitalizes the soil and nourishes our vineyards in a balanced way. Only when growth and weather conditions permit, do we become active in the vineyard. This reduces the use of regulating agents to a minimum.

Fertile soil

Our vines grow on two types of soil: loess soil and calcareous soil. The loess soil, rich in clay, produces our fruity, voluminous Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Riesling ling. The vines for our dry Pinot Noir thrive on the dry Kalkmerkel soil.

Art in the cellar

A good wine needs time - time to mature and develop. He gets that in our traditional vaulted cellar. In this way it retains its natural carbonic acid and can show what it is made of.

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