Weingut Erich Stachel


Weingut Erich Stachel

Weingut Erich Stachel
Bahnhofstraße 40
67487 Maikammer

Phone : (0049)6321 5112
Fax : (0049)6321 58561


In 2003, Matthias Stachel set out to continuously advance the winery with his father and the whole family. We have done well since then, with the persistence and calm of a hedgehog. Today we cultivate 18 hectares of vines. A lot of land, a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of fun. We are proud of what we have achieved - like the two German red wine awards and the sparkling wine award from recent years. We look to the future with joy and look forward to what is to come. Matthias has been running the cellar since 2003, making the wines and leading the way. Influenced by his time in the USA and New Zealand, he took the wines to a new level. “But stopping is not my thing, I always want to keep getting better and get people excited about my wines.” With his experience, knowledge and determination, Erich is a marathon runner - focused and persistent, he runs the business and is in the Vineyards are indispensable.

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