Weingut Doktores Töpfer

Annweiler am Trifels

Weingut Doktores Töpfer

Weingut Doktores Töpfer
Hauptstr. 30-32
76855 Annweiler am Trifels

Phone : (0049) 6346 9710505


Our young winery, completely in harmony with nature.

Exceptional grape varieties grow on 2 hectares of vineyards. PIWIs are our passion! Diverse, sustainable... something for discoverers. Our aim is to produce wines full of character that will be remembered. The grapes, hand-picked with friends and family, are gently pressed and then allowed to develop individually. We give the wine the time it needs to develop. We love and accompany every step, from the first bud to the tasting.

In the old town of Annweiler, we transform our historic building into a place of wine production and enjoyment. Our heart beats for a vision that combines stones steeped in history and forward-looking wine culture.

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