Weingut Bruno Schreieck


Weingut Bruno Schreieck

Weingut Bruno Schreieck
Bahnhofstraße 26
67487 Maikammer

Phone : (0049)6321 5178
Fax : (0049)6321 952104


We are a traditional family winery and have been producing wine for over 300 years. With great love and devotion from the vine to the bottle. In 2016 we changed the name of our wines.

I would like to introduce you to the three new lines:
GESELLE (liter wines) - Intended to drink - not to keep! Fresh, fruity, uncomplicated wines for every day. Also known as bottle wines.
HANDWERK - To relax and enjoy! Craft is understood to mean products that are manufactured with the greatest care and not industrially. The wines in our HANDWERK line are high quality wines. A lot of manual work in the vineyard was invested in this in order to get the maximum possible aromas and ingredients into the berry.
MEISTERSTÜCK - wines that will enchant you! The best that the master winemaker has to offer. This is where all the measures are taken in the vineyard that bring the highest quality. The wines of the MEISTERSTÜCK line are only from the best individual sites in Maikammer and its surroundings. Yield reduction to 55hl / ha is the basis for long-lasting wines and a maximum of aromas. These wines have a very high potential and can be stored for a few years.

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