Weingarten am Ludwigsplatz


Weinhaus Heymanns GbR

Weinhaus Heymanns GbR
Rathenaustr. 10
67480 Edenkoben

Phone : (0049)63239036340
Fax : +496323 8035381


From 08 September, the wine house Heymanns opens the door in its own vineyard next to the Ludwigsplatz and is looking forward to numerous visitors. Surrounded by many vines with a view of the historic walls of the Pädel, the ambience invites you to linger and to eat and drink. Selected wines will be provided by Weinhaus Heymanns and the Foodliner will take care of your physical well-being with grilled Palatinate specialties or, in keeping with the New Wine, fresh onion tart. Enjoy the Palatinate Autumn in good weather on Fridays from 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday already from 11 am.

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