Water information path


i-Punkt Kirrweiler

i-Punkt Kirrweiler
Hauptstraße 7
67489 Kirrweiler

Phone : (0049) 6321 5079


The water information path, which is part of the project of renaturation of the Kropsbach, is intended to make it easier for children in particular to experience the stream and to sensitize them to the quality and importance of element "water". Along the stretch between the motorway and the playground there are a total of 9 boards on topics such as sustainable renaturation, the water cycle, water quality, habitat of running waters as well as alluvial plants and alluvial birds. The boards were designed to fit into the landscape. In addition, a water playground at the Kropsbach between Joseph-Matt-Straße and the Schlossweiher was put into operation. The water information path was created as part of the Blue Plus campaign and in cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Institute for Hydromechanics.

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