Wasgau-Ölmühle-Gläserne Manufaktur


Wasgau Ölmühle und Hofladen Hollerbusch

Wasgau Ölmühle und Hofladen Hollerbusch
Turnstraße 12
76846 Hauenstein

Phone : (0049) 6392-587268


Wasgau Ölmühle-Gläserne Manufaktur:

In a nutshell

* With a lot of love we produce high quality oils in a traditional craftsmanship
* Our oils are natural, gently cold-pressed and unfiltered
* We always produce fresh, for an unmistakable taste experience
* The result is aromatic oils, rich in essential fatty acids and important ingredients
* From our press cake we create tasty, protein and fiber-rich products such as pasta, spices, flours, biscuits and much more
* We only use the best seeds

Affiliated regional store Hollerbusch with over 700 regional products and direct sales of high-quality oils.

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