Wasgau Frischemarkt Fischbach

Fischbach bei Dahn

Wasgau Frischemarkt

Wasgau Frischemarkt
Bitscher Straße 2
66996 Fischbach bei Dahn

Phone : (0049) 6393 333


The Wasgau fresh markets place great value on their regionality. This means you know who is behind the products on offer and you know the people personally. This creates mutual trust and is the basis of good cooperation. You can find out more about the regional partners directly on the shelves or via the website.

Wasgau Frischemärket has developed its own yellow place-name sign so that you always know which goods are from our region when you shop. Not only on the shelves and in the flyer, you will also find the regional partners well-marked on the trucks. The philosophy is reflected in the WASGAU brands in particular. With great passion, exclusive craftsmanship and lived tradition, the WASGAU brands offer something special in our region.

The WASGAU bakery produces 140 bakery and confectionery products in the best craft tradition every day. WASGAU butcher shop.

Sausage is not just sausage, but everyone is welcome to use the products from the WASGAU butcher's shop. Fruit & Vegetable Office. The regional products not only promote jobs in the region, they also strengthen society. The Wasgau chain does a lot of good for the region and promotes social projects in the region.

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