Wanderheim "Dicke Eiche"


Dear hiking friends,


the hiking home "Dicke Eiche", the "Hitt" is now closed!



Thank you for your understanding, we wish you a good time, stay healthy.


Your Palatinate Forest Association Hauenstein 1913 e.V.

and the Palatinate Forest Tourist Info Center

Holiday region Hauenstein



Our DICKE EICHE hiking home, which was inaugurated in 1974 and has been modernized several times, offers gastronomic service on the basis of volunteer work.



Dogs are not allowed in our hiking home. We ask for your understanding.



Accessible via the main markings of the Palatinate Forest Association:


blue-yellow bar from Hauenstein / Erlenbach


yellow point from Hinterweidenthal / Erfweiler



green-blue bar from Erweiler /



As well as the premium hiking trail "Hauensteiner Schusterpfad", the Burghalder-Weg and the 7th stage of the Palatinate Forest Path.




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Pfälzerwald-Verein Hauenstein
Wanderheim Dicke Eiche
76846 Hauenstein

Website: https://www.pwv-hauenstein.de
E-Mail: buchung@pwv-hauenstein.de
Phone: (0049) 6392 3596